Why do I need a Digital Marketing certificate?

by | Apr 12, 2022

Suppose you’re looking to transition into a career in digital marketing, or you have entry-level experience as a digital marketer, and you’re looking to solidify your career. In that case, you may have stumbled upon digital marketing certificates.

So, what exactly is a digital marketing certificate?

Digital Marketing Certificates are education programs that teach you about digital marketing and help you master the technical skills you need on the job. Like email marketing, social media marketing, overall marketing strategy, and digital campaign management. These programs are typically less expensive and shorter than a traditional college degree. They are often online so that you can fit the schedule into your current lifestyle. 

Why do you need a digital marketing certificate?


Showcasing your education background

Completing a certificate in any topic signals to a potential employer that you have the skills you need to do your job well. Getting a certificate can help you easily showcase your qualifications by letting employers know that you are deeply knowledgeable about the field. It’s also a fraction of the price and requires less time than completing a full college degree.

If you have a college degree, getting a digital marketing certificate can further prove that you are specifically qualified for digital marketing work. Business or marketing degrees may demonstrate this to some extent but often aren’t specifically tailored to teaching in-demand digital marketing skills.


Signaling your credibility

Digital marketing certificates are provided by or endorsed by a well-known group, like a college, tech company, or other educational institutions. While having job experience or a college degree can back up your digital marketing skills, having a digital marketing certificate adds to your credibility. 

Showcasing that you have completed a program that aligns with current industry standards in digital marketing will make your applications stand out that much more.


Honing your skill set

If you have work experience in digital marketing, but don’t have any formal training or education, getting a digital marketing certificate can help you hone your skillset. You will also pick up new skills you may not have known would help you on the job.

There’s always more to explore, no matter how much you know about digital marketing. Reading through the digital marketing certificate’s curriculum before you decide to sign up can help you strategically choose a certificate that will introduce you to new skills and topics in the field.


Staying up to date on Digital Marketing skills and trends

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. Getting a digital marketing certificate is a great way to continue learning, even if you already have a marketing career.

Showing employers that you continue to learn and stay up to date with trends as you continue to build your digital marketing career will always set you apart from other candidates.

Are you interested in learning more about a Digital Marketing Certificate?

Now that we’ve explained why you need a digital marketing certificate, are you interested in launching a career in digital marketing? Or maybe, you are looking to update your marketing skills and learn current in-demand skills. Explore the Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate by Pathstream here!

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