Preparing Students for High-Demand Digital Skill Careers.

Built in partnership with leading technology companies.

Pathstream partners with software companies to build branded digital skills career programs delivered through community college and university partnerships.

Digital Marketing Certificate

Start a career in digital marketing or boost your marketing skills while working in career critical platforms such as Facebook Ad Manager, Microsoft Excel, and Google Analytics.

Business & Data Analytics Certificate

Start a career in business & data analytics or boost your analytical skills while working in career critical technologies such as SQL, Microsoft Excel, and Tableau.

VR/AR Design Visualization Certificate

Start a career in VR/AR Design Visualization or Immersive Design while working in career critical technologies such as Unity and PiXYZ.

Salesforce for Business Certificate

Start a career as a Sales Development Rep or Salesforce Developer while working in career critical technologies such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Excel.

Our Mission

Every individual should have access to the digital skills needed to succeed in the modern economy.

Emerging digital skills are central to many of the highest demand careers, yet most students graduate without them.

Figures shown represent last 5 year increases in job demand

Pathstream’s partnerships are outcomes-aligned around student success.

Build career-aligned curriculum around in-demand software skills

High-demand software skills are taught within the context of foundational knowledge needed to perform real world applications.

Software companies benefit from more users, increased talent pipelines for their customers, and increased brand equity.

Deliver curriculum through college and university partnerships nationally

Online programs and active, project-based learning experiences are delivered to students through Pathstream’s extensive higher education partner network.

Colleges benefit from offering new high-demand, high-value programs to drive enrollment. Faculty are relieved from constantly updating software skills and curriculum, enabling them focus on student instruction and support.

Provide graduates with a college credential and software certificate

Students graduate with a traditional college credential, as well as a certificate from the software company—an optimal combination of “skill signals” to maximize employability.

Employers benefit from increased access to easily identifiable, job-ready talent.

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