Student success story: Desire Nizigama

by | Apr 13, 2022

Like many Americans, Desire Nizigama lost his job as a data analyst due to the pandemic. Instead of diving right into another job search, Desire chose to step back and re-evaluate his career and skills. As he was searching through job openings, he noticed that technical skill requirements for data analysts changed. Most employers were looking for candidates proficient in Tableau.  

“I began to do my research into courses to teach me how to use data analytic tools. I found the Emory Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program. I chose this program because of the content it covered; it would equip me with the skills I needed to get a new data analyst job. The program was structured to incorporate lectures and projects. Lectures were short and often in an engaging format that made it easy to understand the concepts.”

Desire already had experience in the data analytics industry and knew the importance of keeping up with new technology.

“I was motivated to complete the program to stand out as a competitive candidate. I wasn’t taking the program to get a certificate. I needed to master Tableau to get a job. I was only working part-time, and I paid for the program myself. The program requires you to commit time, so I dedicated myself to the lectures and assignments every evening after work and stayed on track.” 

The Emory Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program includes a team of advisors, instructors, and career coaches to support you. They remain with you until you reach your career goal. 

“What I didn’t know about the program was the type of support I would be able to access. If I got stuck with an assignment, I could email the professor, and he would get back to me within 24 hours. But it was also more than that. He would check in on me to discuss my progress with the program, career goals and ask how he could help with the job search.”  

Desire had already started the job search process while enrolled in the program.

“I was looking for a job during the pandemic, and the market was difficult to navigate. I was getting interviews, but never the offer. Then I began to work with Career Services, meeting with my coaches every other week. They gave me lots of interview advice. I used their tips and my knowledge to land the job finally.” 

He is now a Senior Data Analyst at Home Depot, working in the support center department.

“In my day-to-day, I use a combination of Tableau, SQL, Excel, and Salesforce. I create dashboards and reports for executives that highlight insights they need to drive business decisions. Taking Emory’s Tableau Data Analytics Certificate Program was very helpful. I have also become the go-to person when using these data analytics tools and training team members.” 

Desire’s advice to Pathstream students:

“Employers don’t always have time to train you. You will have a solid foundation when you complete the data analytics program. You can better navigate data analytics tools such as Tableau or SQL. So focus on really learning the material and mastering the technical skills. “

For prospective students looking for a program:

Data analytics skills are essential; add them to your toolkits because you will need them when you enter the workforce or if you want to advance. The program will give you a good understanding of these tools. Remember, everyone learns differently, but the program was designed with that in mind. It uses videos, lectures, slideshows, and projects to help you learn the material and apply your skills. You also won’t be doing it alone. A benefit of this program is having an instructor; they help you with any problems you encounter during the program.”

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