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Learn to become a data analyst perform powerful data analysis to drive business decisions using Tableau, SQL, and spreadsheets. Gain analytical skills needed across a growing number of jobs and industries.

What does a data analyst do?

Data analysts manipulate, organize, and process information in order to uncover patterns and trends that can help inform business decisions. A data analyst’s main focus is to gather information from various sources and interpret patterns and trends. A data analyst’s discoveries are reported and used to drive decision-making in aspects of a company’s workings.

Analysts use clues—aka data—to help understand how the business is performing. Analysts put effort into collecting, analyzing, and gaining insight from this data in the same way that a detective would collect, analyze, and gain insight from clues and evidence. 

Day-to-day tasks of a data analyst

 Data analysts use their technical skills to:

What makes a successful data analyst?

To be a successful data analyst, you need to be:

  • Detail oriented
  • Curious
  • A problem solver

Industry and job growth

Data and business analytics is a fast-growing field. Businesses today are generating more data than ever before, and companies need analysts to make sense of all this new information. Over 1 million business analysts were hired in the last 12 months, and jobs requiring Tableau skills are expected to grow by 35%.

Data Analytics is the process of discovering and interpreting meaning from a collection of information known as data. Data analysis is important because it allows business leaders to:

  • Understand how a business is performing
  • Diagnose existing problems
  • Predict future trends
  • Optimize business processes

Data analyst salaries

Data analyst salaries range widely, depending on your education, work experience, where you live, and the industry. The salary range for data analysts is from $25,000- $113,000. The median salary for data analysts is $73,843. Data analysts with over 5 years of experience earn over $92,000 on average.

How to become a data analyst

Most data analyst roles require some knowledge of the following tools and skills: 

  • Spreadsheet Software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  • Database Tools, such as SQL or Python
  • Data Visualization Tools such as Tableau
  • Presentation Tools, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • Statistics

To get into data analytics, you’ll need some combination of spreadsheet mastery, data storage, data visualization, and statistics. 

In the Pathstream certificate, you’ll learn how to understand, visualize and analyze raw data and run SQL queries. You’ll become a competitive applicant for the over 45,000 companies hiring data analysts. This certificate program is 100% online and built for busy people who want to take the next step in their careers. You can become a data analyst with no experience with this certificate. 

You will have access to dedicated instructors ready to support your learning and provide you with personalized feedback. Going at your own pace, you’ll work through projects that mirror the ones you’ll perform on the job. 

For example, you’ll complete a real-world data analysis, normalize the database using MySQL and create dashboards and stories to share insights using Tableau. You will master in-demand skills and technologies like spreadsheets, statistical analysis, and tableau. 

Most importantly, when you finish this program you’ll be ready to apply for roles as a data analyst, business analyst, sales analyst, or marketing analyst at companies like Facebook, Lowe’s, Whole Foods, and Boeing. Or, you’ll be ready to take on more data-focused job responsibilities at your current job. 

Our career services include coaching, interview prep, and job connections to help you figure out how to get a data analyst job and accomplish your goals. Pathstream supports you every step of the way. To learn more about how Pathstream will support you, read this article. 

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