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Designing Your Career Workshop Series

A workshop series from Pathstream on crafting the career you want. Join us for interactive sessions to help you navigate your next chapter. Free and open to all.

Current workshop series

How to break into Project Management

Meet the project management experts: Learn how they acquired the skills and made their careers in project management.

Each project management professional has their own story about how their career started. As you undertake a career in project management, you might be wondering about how other successful project managers got their break into the field. In this session, our panel of project management experts will share how they began their project management careers, and answer any questions you have about the exciting field of project management!

How to break into Data Analytics

Meet the data analyst experts: Learn about the career path they took and how they got their careers started.

If you talk to ten data professionals, you might hear ten different stories about how they broke into the field. Although there’s no one right way to get a data analytics job, it can help to hear how other people have gained a foothold in the industry and what data career paths they considered based on their skills. In this workshop, you will learn from current data analysts and professionals that work with data in some way about how they navigated their data analytics career search.

How to ace a data technical interview

Learn how to excel during a data technical interview

Technical interviews can be intimidating because they tend to be more specialized and rigorous. But they are commonplace in the data analytics interviewing process, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with exactly how you can use it as an opportunity to set yourself apart from the other candidates. This workshop will review some strategies to not get overwhelmed, and instead shine in a technical data interview.

How to break into Digital Marketing

Meet the digital marketing experts: Gain insight into how they got the digital marketing skills they needed and cultivated successful careers.

There are a lot of pathways to a digital marketing career. As you embark on your digital marketing journey, it can help to know others got there. This webinar will feature digital marketing experts who will share their stories and answer any questions you might have about digital marketing career paths.

How to break into a Salesforce career

Meet the Salesforce experts and grow your own Salesforce career

If you’re setting out for a career in Salesforce but you’re not sure where to start, it can help to hear about how you can cultivate the skills you need to grow a Salesforce career. This workshop features a Salesforce speaker who will detail how you can refine your Salesforce skills and grow your career, even after you’ve completed your Pathstream certificate.

How to answer the question “Tell me about yourself”

Feel more confident answering the critical interview question “Tell me about yourself?”

In almost every interview or networking chat, you will be asked the question “So, tell me about yourself?” For most of us with less linear career journeys, or a career change, this can be a difficult question to answer. In this interactive session, we will go through a practical framework for answering this question, and how to positively frame the inevitable twists and turns in any career journey. After this session, you’ll walk away with a clear answer to this common question.

AMA with the Pathstream Career Services team

Ask any career-related question to our Career Services team!

Join Pathstream’s career coaches for an open “AMA”-style session where you can ask your most pressing career questions – from resume to interviewing to salary negotiations. This is also a great opportunity to listen in on the questions of others navigating the job search or ask a question anonymously! All questions are welcome!

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Want to watch one of our past webinars? We record all our past workshops. Check out our full collection on YouTube below.

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