We believe that every individual should have access to the digital skills needed to succeed in the modern economy.

At Pathstream, our mission is to create the most accessible and effective career pathways to the jobs in this current economy. We accomplish this by partnering with leading software companies to build college curriculum for emerging digital skill careers, which are delivered to students through our national network of college and university partners through our online, active-learning environment.

Our Core Beliefs


We believe that no person or organization will solve systemic social issues alone. We welcome opportunities to build partnerships that deliver holistic, sustainable solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.


We believe that by building a diverse team, we will bring different perspectives, approaches, and experiences that reflect the full set of stakeholders we seek to serve. We celebrate the differences among humans and prioritize creating a team that matches the diversity of our learners.


We believe in prioritizing our students and their goals as we create and iterate on our work. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of learning design, learning technology platform, and career services.


We believe that everyone should have affordable access to the digital skills required to succeed in the modern economy. We are committed to creating pathways to our digital skills programs that are accessible to learners of all backgrounds.


We believe that bringing together what works with what could be in the virtual classroom creates an experience that transcends the status quo. We create the best possible learning outcomes by thinking outside the box, being curious, and asking questions.


We believe the only way we can achieve our mission is by being a trusted partner. Our higher education partners trust us to develop holistic and rigorous programs, our software partners trust us to represent their brand, and our learners trust us to prepare them for real-world careers.

Meet the Team

  • Andy Jevsevar

    Learning Experience Design

    Used a research stipend for modeling the physics of spider webs on a motorcycle and rode it from LA to Seattle and back

  • Angela Prakash

    Learning Experience Design

    One of a dying breed, Angela is a Bay Area native who has lived in 8 cities around the Bay

  • Angelica Rojas

    Learning Experience Design

    Was a makeup artist for 8 years

  • Anisha Murarka


    Is a world-class playlist curator (catch her on Spotify at amurarka14)

  • Anthony Jones

    Learning Experience Design

    Writes short stories and produces an audio fiction podcast that was inspired by Black Mirror

  • Calder Myers

    Learning Experience Design

    Most prized possession is a custom-built 1970s Peugeot bicycle

  • Carrie Shannon

    Curriculum QA

    Loves lifting weights and climbing ropes at Crossfit

  • Chris Lam

    Product Designer

    Member of a competition breakdancing crew

  • Daniel Silber-Baker

    Learning Experience Design

    Wrote his Masters thesis on JavaScript, poetry, and prison abolition´╗┐

  • Ehab Kassab

    Customer Support

    Wants to become a pilot

  • Eleanor Cooper


    Has been known to eat an entire funfetti cake by herself

  • Filipe Giusti

    Software Engineer

  • Jessica Lulovics

    Curriculum Program Manager

    Is on a quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie

  • Joseph Sutton

    Software Engineer

  • Kelly Howard

    Learning Experience Design

    Other careers include circus acrobat, DJ, white-water rafting guide, and chemistry tutor, to name a few

  • Kerry Schiller

    Client Success & Operations

    Loves to cook and put a healthy spin on traditional recipes

  • Kim Filep

    Implementation Project Manager

    Loves treasure hunting – mulling through thrift stores, finding vintage and designer apparel, repair/clean/repurpose, then ultimately resell

  • Kira Twombly

    Learning Experience Design

    Can speak 5 languages and program in 6

  • Lauren Pizer

    Learning Experience Design Director

    Wants to become a meditation instructor

  • Leifur Sigurdsson

    Learning Experience Design

    Is an extreme kite flying enthusiast

  • Lincoln Toiaivao

    Learning Experience Design

    Loves to go to the climbing gym after work, and then hit the taquerias ­čĹî

  • Lisa McIntyre-Hite

    VP of Partner Strategy & Innovation

    Wishes her band would have been famous so she could work with universities AND be a rock star

  • Lydia Thornton

    QA & Customer Support Engineer

    Is obsessed with alternative education and completed 2 intensive technical bootcamps within 2 years

  • Naomi Baker

    Learning Experience Design

    Loves alternative modes of transport, like cycling, sailing, motorbiking, and horseback riding

  • Nathan Kallison

    Product Manager

    Told a story on stage at The Moth about a perilous Machu Picchu trip

  • Neha Gupta

    Chief of Staff

    Has 23 first cousins within a 28 year age range

  • Nikhil Karnik


  • Nina Slote

    Learning Experience Design

    As a biology teacher, she managed to mention sloths (her favorite animal) on every test she ever wrote

  • Pankaj Sharma

    Head of Engineering

  • Rosemary Smith

    Learning Experience Design

    Is currently studying to be a neurologist´╗┐

  • Ryan Keenan

    Curriculum Operations

    Once got paid to spend a summer mapping ancient pilgrimage routes in northern India and Nepal as part of an archaeoastronomy research project

  • Samad Hinton

    Client Success & Operations

    Secretly wants to go shark cage diving one day

  • Sarah Morin

    Learning Experience Design

    Is constantly dancing in her free time

  • Scott Lomas

    VP of University Partnerships

  • Shane White

    Learning Experience Design

    Can always pick the perfect size container for leftovers

  • Sunjay Dhama

    Software Engineer

    Looks up to Satoshi Nakamoto

  • Sylvia Johnson

    People Operations

    Is a low-key professional baker

  • Tim Kanellitsas

    Learning Experience Design

    Listens exclusively to Drum and Bass or Binaural Beats when he works´╗┐

  • Vengadesh Sankaranarayanan

    Software Engineer

  • Veronica Wong


    Wants to get her pilots license

Pathstream was founded at Entangled Group, a higher education consulting firm and venture studio focused on the future of education and work.