Student success story: Elisa Turner

by | Sep 30, 2022

Elisa Turner was a successful inventory planner when she began to dream of a career in data analytics.

“In college, I took classes in MIS and BI, which are like data analytics. I was interested in the field but unsure how to break into the industry. Years later, I began to look into self-paced courses online. I took a few certificates through edX and Coursera. But even with these certificates, I wasn’t landing an interview. I tried the IBM certificate program, but it was too hard to grasp and required a lot of independent learning. In search of an affordable and structured data analytics program that would teach me the skills I needed to transition to a data analytics role, I found Pathstream’s data analytics certificate program.”

In comparison to other online data upskilling courses she took, Elisa said:

“The Pathstream data analytics certificate program was excellent. Unlike other data courses, it was easy to digest, and I loved interacting with my instructor. If I had issues, I could use office hours to troubleshoot. She sent us course reminders and emails motivating us. My instructor provided great insight and feedback throughout the program. I liked being held accountable. The types of support Pathstream instructors offer help us succeed.”

Elisa also said, “I liked how Pathstream designed the program. Each course taught you the foundations of data analytics, new skills, or how to use software like SQL. Then you would apply those skills to labs and projects. My favorite part of the courses was always the projects. After completing the program, I could speak with authority on subjects within data analytics in my new role to our vice president or any executive team member. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before.”

In addition to our programs, Pathstream offers students personalized career pathing. Our career coaches help students identify career opportunities and enable them to succeed in new roles. 

“The best part of my learning experience with Pathstream was engaging with the career coaches. They helped me identify transferable skills and leveled up my data analyst resume. I also took their advice and set myself apart from other candidates by sharing my certificate, Excel badge, and SQL badges on LinkedIn. Data analyst opportunities now presented themselves, and six weeks after graduation, I transitioned to a data analyst role at Home Depot.” 

Elisa’s final piece of advice:

“Regardless of if you’re looking to enroll in Pathstream’s program as an individual or are an organization looking to offer professional growth opportunities to your employees — choose Pathstream. The learning experience is well-rounded and engaging. You’ll master the software and skills you need to succeed in data analytics. But what makes Pathstream stand out against other companies is that career navigation is unmatched. The career coaches have the expertise and responsiveness to help you advance your career.” 

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