After stepping away from working full-time to raise her children, Dianne Mishra returned to the workforce eager to invest in her skills and build the career of her dreams. She joined Rocket Mortgage as a mortgage banking loan coordinator and wanted to learn new skills to advance her career. 

“My company offered education benefits, an excellent resource for employees. It shows that they are invested in their employees’ continuing growth and want them to advance at their company. Knowing your employer values you enough to invest in your education is important.” 

Dianne wanted to learn how to use Salesforce to work more with data. She found Pathstream’s Salesforce Business Analyst Certificate in her employer’s catalog, which teaches how to import data into customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce, and use Sales Cloud and Service Cloud products. 

“My program was four courses, starting with a general overview of Salesforce and the Sales Process. As I moved on, the courses became more challenging, teaching me about the back end of Salesforce and helping me master the technical skills I would need as a Salesforce Administrator. The final course focused on business analytics, but overall the entire program was helpful and showed me exactly what my position as a Salesforce Admin would involve.” 

Pathstream designed our online course with busy adults in mind. The Salesforce Business Analyst Certificate program is online and requires about 10 hours or less per week. Instructors share personalized feedback with you quickly, and if you fall off course, your success coach will check in to help get you back on track. 

“Pathstream was supportive, and the program was flexible. The Salesforce Business Analyst Certificate was online, and I could work on assignments while my kids were in bed. The instructors were fantastic; they gave me great feedback within minutes of asking a question.”

After completing the program, Dianne prepared for and took the Salesforce Admin exam certifying her as a Salesforce Administrator. 

“I was completing the last course and decided to take the exam. It’s a difficult exam; you must know your material and hone your Salesforce Admin skills before taking it. I passed, and I know Pathstream was 100% helpful in preparing me for it. The course structure and Pathstream’s support helped me stay on track and achieve my goal. It opened up huge doors for me and my career forever.”

Dianne is a Salesforce Administrator at Restaurant 365, applying her new skills daily. 

“My employer was restructuring departments, and they supported my decision to move onto a Salesforce admin role. I appreciate that they gave me the support to make my dreams come true. Giving employees education benefits, especially women returning to the workforce, helps bridge skills gaps, and strong skill sets will improve their companies.”

Dianne’s final advice to prospective students thinking about taking advantage of tuition assistance programs:

“This is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself. Trust me, as a parent, you put everything into your family and kids and forget to invest in yourself. But take the time to invest in your future, if it’s consistently one or two hours daily. Take the program to improve your skill set to advance your career or increase your salary. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it.” 


Are you eligible for education benefits?

Looking to enhance your professional productivity or level up your career? Pathstream equips working adults with digital skills to advance their careers. We offer certificate programs through a network of leading universities. 

You might also be able to get your employer to pay for the certificate program you’re interested in! Click the image below to see if you’re eligible!

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