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Pathstream helps you attract, retain, and develop your frontline workforce. 


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A Deeper Talent Pool


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A Deeper Talent Pool

White Paper

In an increasingly competitive talent market, your best talent may be in-house. Creating career pathways that include robust upskilling programs for frontline employees allows you to reduce turnover, build more diverse talent pipelines, and equip your people with critical digital skills. Download our white paper to learn more about how to build deeper internal talent pools by unlocking the potential of your frontline workforce.


Customer Success Story

Amazon hires 100k frontline workers each holiday season. To successfully compete in a tight talent market, they partnered with Pathstream to provide workers with new career pathways, thereby attracting and retaining top frontline talent. Download a copy of our case study to learn how Amazon leveraged our career mobility platform to achieve its goals. 

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At Pathstream, we know frontline workers – their skills, motivation, and potential. We’ve upskilled over 6,500 workers and put them on the path toward new roles. With our Career Mobility Platform, you can attract, retain, and develop your customer-facing workers to build the workforce you need today and in the future. Interested in learning more? Let’s chat!

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