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Customer Success Story: Amazon

Amazon leverages Pathstream’s Career Mobility Solution to attract top frontline workers and upskill them for data analytics and sales operations roles.

amazon talent aquisition

Toolkit: How to Design a Robust Education Benefits Program for your Frontline Workers


Our toolkit will break down how to design a robust education benefits program for frontline workers in 4 practical phases.

How to Connect Digital Skills Training to Talent Agility & Career Mobility for Frontline Workers


Discover how digital skills training can be connected to talent agility and career mobility. Download our whitepaper to learn more.

Your best talent may be in-house. Pathstream can help you attract, retain, and develop your best tellers, customer service reps, and other branch staff who want to build a career in banking.

6 Strategies To Modernize Your Tuition Assistance Program

Looking to redesign your company’s tuition assistance program so that it stands out in a tight labor market? This white paper shares 6 actionable strategies for modernizing your education benefits program collected from HR leaders across industries.

The education benefits your frontline workers want.

Professional development is a known driver of retention. Download our roadmap to learn how to reduce turnover and put your employees in the driver’s seat of their careers.

Amazon Case Study
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