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Access diverse candidates with an average of 9.5 years of relevant experience and skills in Salesforce Administration, data analytics, SQL, Tableau, digital marketing, project management and more. No placement or referral fees.

Your best talent may be in-house. Pathstream can help you attract, retain, and develop your best tellers, customer service reps, and other branch staff who want to build a career in banking.

Our graduates are experienced professionals with training in the latest software and skills.

Find the Right Candidate for Your Role

Fill out this quick survey to let us know the types of candidates your company needs and we will send you a curated set of resumes. No fees or obligations! Below is just a sampling of the types of candidates we can refer to you. For questions or to schedule a consultation, reach out to

Renante B.

Data Analyst and Catastrophe Risk Analyst | New York, New York

Renante is an experienced catastrophe property analyst in the insurance industry who wants to transition into a data analyst role. He recently completed the Tableau Data Analytics Certificate program and is proficient in using SQL, Tableau, and other data analysis tools. He holds a degree in International Studies from New York University and a Masters in Business Administration from St. Peter’s University. He has over 4 years of work experience as a consultant in the telecommunications, academic, and technology industries abroad.

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Clarissa L.

Data Analyst | New York, New York

Clarissa is looking into switching careers after completing a Data Analytics Certificate Program where they became proficient in SQL, Tableau and other Analytical tools. Clarissa worked in the research field for a couple years and their most recent job was working with animals that will potentially be organ donors to humans in the future. Clarissa holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Animal Science.

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Lisa D.

Certified Project Manager | Boston, Massachusetts

Lisa has her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Boston College and has recently completed the Certificate Program for Project Management by Path stream and Harvard University. Lisa currently works as Project Lead running two different teams providing Covid-19 response teams to two different districts within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She has gained experience from the entry level position she was hired to do to being promoted to middle management within HealthCare IT Leaders. Lisa has over 7 years of professional experience and is enjoying the transition her career has begun to make.

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Angela S.

Salesforce Administrator | Atlanta, Georgia

With more than 8 years experience as a Procurement Analyst, Angela is a results-driven professional offering a comprehensive and diverse track record in customer service, purchasing, asset management, worldwide logistics, business analysis, content management, documentation management, technical publishing, and implementing policies and procedures. Outstanding ability to cultivate relationships with customers, vendors, and staff, developing mutual respectful relationships. Proficient in MS Office, MS Project, SAP, Ariba, InvoiceWorks, SharePoint, EBis, AssetWorks, ServiceNow and Webtop.

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Britney R.

Digital Marketing Specialist | New York, New York

Britney Robinson is a digital marketing specialist who recently completed the NYU Facebook Digital Marketing Certification. She currently works as a content creator for several small businesses where she has increased sales by over 25%. She holds a degree in Sociology from Brooklyn College and has over 7 years of experience in a variety of both small and large businesses.

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Andrea C.

Salesforce Administrator | remote

As a seasoned CRM Administrator with over 10 years of diverse Technical experience, Andrea is a highly motivated, hands-on IT professional and an advocate for agile methodologies, transparency and collaboration amongst customers, product managers, software developers, and stakeholders. Andrea believes the combination of agile methodologies and increased transparency can help organizations build highly efficient and successful teams that are capable of creating products and solutions that customers love.

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Renee M.

Digital Marketer | El Paso, Texas

Renee is an English professor who teaches at the local community college. She is also a part of a promotions committee and creates/shares social content for the English department at El Paso Community College to monitor student retention rates. Curriculum development is a skill she’s strengthened over four years and holds a passion for creating content in course development. She has a master’s degree in rhetoric & writing studies, a Bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism, and recently completed the Digital Marketing Certification from Emory online. She enjoys researching and conducting SWOT analyses and promotes all her favorite local businesses online. She desires to build a career path into the digital marketing world, as this will allow her to combine her critical analysis skills, audience awareness, and creative persona into one.

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Brian D.

Project Manager | Tampa, Florida


Brian is a perseverant, determined and skillful professional who recently completed the Asana Project Management Certificate program and is proficient in using Asana Software. He currently works at AMS Billing as an accounting associate where he processes checks, audits, reports, organizes invoices and allocates payments. He holds a degree in Business Administration – Management from Everglades University and has work experience at companies including Suncoast Motor Sports, Gettel Toyota of Lakewood, Rent -A-Center, Insurance Agency Accounting and Bookkeeping and Tunxis Community College.

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