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Entry-level digital marketing career paths and salary guide

by | Apr 7, 2022

Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after career paths due to the internet’s role in driving business growth! Companies need people to help them build SEO, social media, and online advertising strategies to create awareness for a company’s products and services. Collectively, companies are on track to spend $150 billion on digital marketing activities by 2023. 

There are endless digital marketing career paths for you to choose. But, what if you are launching your digital marketing career or transitioning into the field with little experience. This article will explain what a digital marketer does, list out different entry-level digital marketing jobs and provide salary information.

What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketing professionals are tasked with helping their employers connect with prospective customers using multiple digital mediums. They drive business growth by launching effective campaigns using Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, A/B testing, and other tactics. 

Digital marketers build awareness for a company’s products and services. Here are some examples of online media digital marketers commonly work with:

They complete the following types of work to understand their potential customers and connect with them:

Entry-level digital marketing career paths.

Generally, people spend six months to two years in these entry-level roles before being promoted to a mid-level position. Some examples of entry-level digital marketing positions are:

Digital Marketing Specialists

These specialists support digital marketing managers in planning campaigns across channels, creating content to support marketing initiatives, and optimizing marketing funnels to improve performance.


Facebook Ads Specialist

You will be responsible for building and managing client Facebook, and Instagram Ads Manager accounts in this role. Expect to work within client budgets to achieve results. 


Assistant Media Planner

They work with senior media planners to help clients develop strategies and recommendations for advertising.


Email Marketing Specialist

These specialists help create email marketing campaigns to promote products or services. You will ensure marketing messages are clearly conveyed, proofread content, and delivered  to the right prospects.


Public Relations Specialist

Expect to assist with maintaining a positive public image for companies, individuals, groups, or organizations. You will be required to craft media releases to help shape the public perception of your clients.

How to start your digital marketing career?

If you are interested in pursuing a digital marketing career, Pathstream can help. We offer programs to teach essential marketing skills and career support to help you stand out during the job search process. From crafting the perfect digital marketing resume to building an online portfolio, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Whether starting from scratch or looking to upskill to help advance your career, check out the Facebook Digital Marketing Certificate Program

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