Modernize Your Tuition Assistance Program to Attract and Retain Frontline Talent.

Looking to redesign your company’s tuition assistance program so that it stands out in a tight labor market? This white paper shares 6 actionable strategies for modernizing your education benefits program collected from HR leaders across industries.

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Leverage Your Tuition Assistance Program to Attract and Retain Frontline Talent

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56% of companies offer a tuition reimbursement program to their employees, according to a 2019 study from the Society for Human Resource Management. Yet, there are significant untapped opportunities to tie these programs directly to strategic HR priorities. In this white paper, we share 6 actionable strategies to modernize your company’s tuition assistance program and connect it directly to efforts to:

  • Attract new talent and stand out in a tight labor market
  • Increase employee retention, particularly in high turnover frontline roles
  • Promote internal advancement and career mobility for employees within your company once they have gained new skills 
  • Advance DEI goals to upskill and retain specific populations of workers

    Collected from original research with HR leaders across industries, this white paper offers a practical mix of case studies, tools, and best practices to bring your tuition assistance program to the next level.


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    talent looks like.

    Portland Reed

    Portland Reed

    Process Assistant | Amazon

    “My company wants its employees to thrive. They are looking for innovators, entrepreneur-like minds, and employees to think big. Offering education benefits helps us learn valuable skills and advance our careers while improving the organization, customer service, and increasing revenue.”

    Daniel White

    Daniel White

    General Manager | Chipotle

    “I compete for talent in an oil town where most people can get high-paying jobs in the refinery business. Promoting our education benefits is a valuable tool for recruiting workers who wish to earn a college degree or learn skills that won’t make them obsolete.”

    Jennifer Kolde

    Jennifer Kolde

    Labor Relations Coordinator | Macy's

    “They’re really committed to having people advance their careers. It’s a great ROI for them. These programs help people get broader in their own roles and enable people to master some of the tools that are required to do our jobs better. And they also create a general feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.”

    Ti-Quan Woodley

    Ti-Quan Woodley

    Project Realty Lead | Walmart

    “Many employers offer education programs, but Walmart goes beyond. They covered 100% of the program costs. So strike-wide, better yourself, and advance your career. Look at the Pathstream programs offered to you and go for it.”


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    The Pathstream difference.

    Unlike Coursera or Udemy, our programs are structured, supported, and tracked towards career growth. As a result, our student completion rates are exponentially higher.

    Our modern interface, lab environments, project-based learning stand out against traditional degree programs and dry management training – leading to high engagement and satisfaction rates.

    Ultimately, this means that happy talented employees stay and thrive.

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    Course satisfaction

    Stand out as an employer

    Do you need to attract new talent and improve employee retention?Pathstream can help you build for the future. Work with us to develop a customized program that will attract and retain diverse top talent.


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